Bury Radio Society - G3BRS

      The radio club meets at the Trackside  in the bar area                                 at the train station Bury.

                           Bolton Street Station   ELR   Bury
                                        BL9 0EY

                           General meetings     7:30pm to  9:00pm
                           Main meeting/talk     8:00pm to 9:00pm       

                        General meetings are every Tuesday.

 Please note that the Foundation course will not now be available until much later in 2020.

             Watch out for further up dates on this in the New Year.

         Any training enquiries can be in person at our venue or

                  by email via our webmaster, address below.


                                                                                           This poster was shown on Facebook recently.


      General enquiries to the Webmaster......M0ANQ@AOL.COM