Bury Radio Society - G3BRS

 The Main Meetings at the Shack in the              Trackside at Bury.

                                                                                                                                                   ( Trackside Activity Center )

         Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month.


  Schedule of meets in the immediate and near future.



    Tuesday 7th May    HF portable operation, using military                     equipment, back to the club shack.
    Tuesday 14th May    HF and VHF propagation: the two RSGB                    videos only available for clubs and not on YouTube!
    Sunday 19th May    Bury RS will be at the Prestwich Clough                  event, with a station operating on various HF bands
     Tuesday 11th June    Talk on the use of PI-Star hotspot                                                             by Mo M0TXK
       Tuesday 9th July    Memories of RF engineering                                                                      by Chris      G4JAG Presently POSTPONED

    Tuesday 9th July Steve G3OAG will be giving a lecture on Lists and  Maps in Amateur Radio. 



                    August 13th..................Main meeting. TBA