Bury Radio Society - G3BRS                                                                                                    RECENT EVENTS AT THE BURY RADIO SOCIETY CLUB.

                                                                                           Setup for NARSA Stand.


                                         Our first auction of 2020 was on the Tuesday 25th of February.  Lots of radio equipment and various items where available.



                                                                                                 Members and visitors viewing the goods before Peter commenced the Auction.


                                                         A group run by Peter G0GPH to complete our construction nights.

                                     Tuesday the 21st of January saw our final build construction night after the meeting.


                                   Peter explaining the final details of our project. 

                                                   Demonstrating what is needed for completion of our Project.


                                                    Saturday the 18th of January saw our first social event of 2020.


                                  Committee members in the foreground with other members and wives/girlfriends along the table.


                                     A really enjoyable afternnoon was experienced by all and future events are looked forward to in anticipation of another good venue. 

                                                          Our first talk this year was by Martin G6TAT who helped us all to understand the handheld much better.

                                                                                                      Next years training programme starts in March with our Intermediate Course.

On 11/12/2019 15:27, Paul Anthony Stocks wrote

 At last night's AGM, the Committee announced that Sean Redmond M7DOS was the first recipient of the Peter Smith G2DPL Memorial Award.

The Award is made in memory of the late Peter G2DPL, who of course many of us will know as a long time member of our Society and our Treasurer. The trophy will be awarded each year to a member who, in the judgement of the BRS Committee, has made a significant contribution to our Society. Sean passed his Foundation examination earlier this year with a high mark, has attended BRS meetings with regularity, and has helped in many ways to develop the Society's range of activities. Sean is a Committee member, a regular participant in the BRS 2m net and has helped with developing our digital station and website - where his professional IT expertise has proved to be very useful.

In the Committee's view, Sean represents the best example for young people joining our hobby.

As you will see from the photograph, the trophy consists of a value mounted on a hardwood base. The valve, a Phillips QB4-1100 which was manufactured in France, was kindly donated by Laurence G4KLT. It is a power tetrode for use in AM and FM transmitters, from the top of HF to low VHF. Used in an SSB transmitter at 110 MHZ and with 4,000 Volts on the anode, it could generate 650 Watts.

The base of the trophy was made by Peter G0GPH from Meranti hardwood, which came from some pews a sold by a Methodist church! Peter says that the hardest part of making the trophy was drilling holes in the base in exactly the right position for the valve pins to fit. These were fixed into place using epoxy glue. To complete the trophy, Peter gave it three coats of shellac and then a wax finish, before fixing on the brass engraved name plate.

Well done Sean, and enjoy your award!                                                                    Paul M0OWS Publicity Officer

                              Tom M7DOS and Peter  G0GPH  on the evening.                                            

On Tuesday the 17th of December, Peter and Tom gave us a talk on Espionage. Including Numbers

On Tuesday the 10th of December we held our AGM. Our first recipient of the G2DPL Trophy was awarded to Sean M7DOS.

              The certificate                             Sean receiving the trophy from our Chairman Peter.               The G2DPL Trophy.

Below is a snapshot of members attending the AGM. ( Can someone wake Jim up !. )





                                                             Tuesday the 26th of November.

                                    Our FT4/8 setup.   Testing Crystals.      Assembly and solder station.


    The 19th of November saw the third part of our Superhet build project get underway successfully. Watch out for the finals part next month hopefully.

       Getting to grips with winding a toroid.                               Testing time!.        

                               Previously completed unit. 

                   Laptop view he graph showing peak adjustment.

                 Using the VNA ( Vector Network Analyser ) to test the completed unit.


            A fascinating and informative talk by our very own Steve G3OAG. Ranging from the past beginings of radio in Japan up to the present innovations by                some of the most common manufacturers.

                                                       Tuesday the 5th of November.....


                   Peter gave us a very good overview of present propagation conditions with examples shown from his own personal listening recently. 

                           This was followed by a handout of what he had heard. A follow up each quarter would be very useful for the new comers.

                          Steve commenced the talk with his own experiences over the last weekend with examples of what could be heard and when.

                                                         Help from Steve and assisted by Peter.

                                                                         Sadly postponed due to low number of items available.


                                                                                Talk by Laurence on the 8th of October.

                                                       Followed by  Peter's chat about his experiments with the "S" meter.

                                               On the 1st of October the club held its first and successful Book swap night.


                                                                   Our Part One of the Superhet receiver build on the 17th of September 2019. More builds and training to follow.

                                                Many thanks to Peter G0GPH and Steve G3OAG for organising and overseeing this very successful exercise.

                                                                     Visit by Stockport ARS on September 10th.


                                                                                                                               Quick view of the setup run by Stockport radio club.


                                                                          Two club members explaining and demonstrating the Fusion system.

                                                                Bletchley Park 10th of August.

                                                           Owd Betts on the 3rd of August ........


                                               Congrats to the lads who passed their ADVANCED EXAM on the 16th of July 2019.


                                                                             Slideshow of final exam and past evenings at ELR.



                                                                              Steve's talk on the 9th of July. 

                   Covering the use of Maps and Lists by Hams throughout their life was interesting to old and new hams. 






                      ON Tuesday the 11th of June, Mo M0TXK gave a  chat to a packed crowd at the ELR Trackside shack in Bury.


                                                             Mo M0TXK alongside his setup for the evenings demo and chat.                                                                      The rig currently used by Mo on the train trips.


                                         A screen page of live info on the evening.                                              The setup Mo uses live on the railways.




                                     The internet connection. (self photo bombed by Paul.)                     Mo giving his very detailed and interesting talk .

         The evening was very informative and encouraging due to Mo's personal experience in going Train Mobile on numerous occasions with the ELR.

                                       ELR as always being very helpful in our experiments with radio on board their trains.

                                This is quite a unique experience and brings interest from all over the globe by fellow amateurs.                                                                             

                                                           The club had a field day at Prestwich Clough on the 19th of May.

                                                                                     Our stand on the day.


                                         Steve.                                                                    Rod with his vehicle.


                                                                                                                                   Peter in a qso and with Tom offloading the mast.


                                                                                                                                                      Relaxing during the show.


                                      On Tuesday the 7th of May Peter G0GPH and Rod 2E0EVI went to Burrs Park for a "testing" time in the rain. Thankfully the tests were very successful.

                           NARSA 2019   

                             On Tuesday the 16th of April Toby passed his Foundation exam.                           

                                        Tuesday the 2nd of April.                                         Mobile operating for the Foundation licence via Burrs park and ELR.




         Mini Dxpedition to Anglesey. This month Peter G0GPH, Rod 2E0EVI and Paul M0OWS  operated /p on Saturday the 30th of March.

                                                  Accomodation and operating bringing fun to all three participants.


                                                                                                                                                Erecting the Invisible aerial is never easy!.

                   Peter Butterworth presenting our cheque to ELR 

                                                                   The talk by Keith was on the evening of the 12th of March.




                                          Starting the talk off with Keith in the background, then a side view and finally a shot including the remaining members.

                                                                          Extract from Facebook courtesy of Paul M0OWS announcing our EGM on Tuesday the 26th of February.

                                Tuesday the 12th of February saw an AGM at the shack for RAYNET delayed by Dave M0LMN due to illness.    

                                                                            Instead on the 12th of  February. Steve's Talk on was given on Ferrites.


                         Our enthusiastic YL Lynda G6QA makes a comment.                 While Steve and Keith discuss the proceedings.            Members gathered in anticipation.

                                                                           Coil winding and Antenna erection.



                                    An example of tools etc used on the evening.                                    Observations being held on the 5th of February.



                    Steve, Dave, Peter and Mike discuss the procedure.                                       Keith joins the merry throng with his two pennyworth.


                                       Our first workshop on the 29th of January 2019.

      .  . .              .    

    A few members braved the bitter January snow and ice to take part in the first half of our project to build a 2 meter antenna.                       Basic equipment and tools used by the group.

                                              The AGM continued.....................................2019.

                      We finished our AGM from December the 11th on Tuesday the 22nd of January with nine members attending.


                           Committee members and some ordinary members assembling before the AGM started. 

                                                     Discussions were held between members Peter and Rod while committee members Keith and Mike checked over the minutes.


                       Peter our previous Treasurer chatting to Steve our new Treasurer with Dave and Martin adding the extra input to our evening                                                                           

Back to......    2019


                         Our first event of this year was at "Giants Seat"


                                                                                                                                                           Equipment used on the weekend.



                                                                                                                             Peter and Rod enjoying the event.



                                                                                                                                       Peter assisted by Keith our chairman.                                                                                                                                                    

                                                                                                                         Peter and Lynda G6QA checking world callsigns.


                                                                                                                                                         Rod and Keith relaxing between QSO's.


                                                                                                                               Essential equipment set up and ready to begin.


                                                                                                                                              More essential equipment being prepared.



The final event of this year was the December AGM,  a strong turn out as usual producing a good and lively debate. Further info is available on request from any committee member.

New positions and re-arrangement of the previous committee setup holds an opportunity for our newer members to have a more active role in our future events next year and forthcoming years. Many thanks to all who attended and those who put themselves forward for positions within our committee group.


                  Keith G3RTU opening the AGM on the 11th of December 2018.


 Peter G2GPH giving his report on training for the year and future prospects for the club.

A demonstration of the FT726 was given by Peter & Chris on Tuesday the 13th of November.


  Seen above in front of the monitor.

Chris giving a history of the rig and Peter explaining the intricacies of setup and headaches of fault finding. Much to the amusement of the members.

         An informal get together was arranged for Friday the 26th of October.


                                    As can be seen, a good afternoon's chat.


            Members attending the convention on the 13th of October.


       Four members attending the RSGB conventionon the 13th and 14th of October.


                                                                 Held in Milton Keynes 2018.

    James now M6WUM passed his Foundation exam with flying colours.        


                     Now studying for his Intermediate licence.

       A gaggle ( group ) of members visiting the Hamfest early in October.

On the 22nd and 23rd of September Mo and Dave were active in ROTA from Bury station.

   Excerpt from RADARS website......

   referring to our collaboration on the Flying Scotsman SES.


                    Special Event Station GB0FS on Flying Scotsman 15th September 2018. Unfortunately this was cancelled beyond out control.

Rochdale And District Amateur Radio Society (RADARS) was host tonight to Dave Robinson M0LMN and Maurice Fletcher M0TXK from Bury Radio Society. Dave and Maurice came to the Rochdale club to talk about their plans to run the special event station GB0FS from the Flying Scotsman steam locomotive on Saturday 15th September 2018.

                                                                                                                                              Special event station GB0FS

                                                                                                                              Phil M0KPH, Maurice M0TXK, Dave M0LMN, and Robert M0NVQ

The Flying Scotsman will haul The Wells Flyer, a seaside special, from East Lancashire Railways Bury to Holyhead and return on Saturday 15th September 2018 to raise funds for the purchase of ‘City of Wells’. Onboard the special will be Dave M0LMN and Maurice M0TXK who will operate GB0FS (FS for Flying Scotsman) through the GB7MR DMR repeater located in Bury and sponsored by Rochdale And District Amateur Radio Society (RADARS). They also hope to also speak to other amateur radio operators on 2 metres FM and other repeaters that they can access on the day.

For those interested in seeing the Flying Scotsman, it will have a busy schedule departing from ELR Bury at 07:15am arriving at Holyhead at 12:45; departing from Holyhead at 14:45 and returning to ELR Bury at 20:30pm. The publicised route is ELR Bury, ELR Heywood, Manchester Victoria, Newton Le Willows, Warrington, Llandudno, and Holyhead. It is expected that Flying Scotsman will pass through ELR Bury, ELR Heywood, Castleton, Mills Hill, Moston, Manchester Victoria, Eccles, Patricroft, Glazebury, Newton-Le-Willows, Warrington Bay Quay, before travelling onwards to Wales, giving many good opportunities for photographers.

It is expected that the special event station GB0FS will be heard on timeslot 2 talkgroup 9 (local) and timeslot 1 talkgroup 235 (UK wide). Whilst it is not intended to tie-up talkgroup 235 or prevent other users from using the national DMR network, it is hoped many amateur radio operators UK wide will be interested to call in on special event station GB0FS operating from the Flying Scotsman.

                                                                                                                      Stop Press! Dave and Mo's GB0FS SES!

               Tuesday 14th of August...Chris G4JAG gave a demo of his rig.


                                                                                                                           Chris's setup with psu and dummy load.


                                                                   Keith G3RTU introducing the evenings entertainment.


                                                                  Chris explaining the controls to assembled members.


                                                                Explaining the various controls.                                                                        Answering questions from members.


                                                  A hand unit to program the rig which arrives with the equipment as standard.   


                                                                                     Chris answering queries from the group.



                 Tuesday the 10th of July..Another great evening by Steve.

                 Steve's Poster prior to his talk..Arcs and Sparks.

                                The history of Spark Transmission.


                      A good start to Steve's talk. Rod even raising a glass in anticipation.

        Left to Right..Steve, Peter, Martin, Chris, Jim, Rod and Mo hiding.


                       The monitor used during the talk, small but ample for the job.


                      Steve G3OAG in full flow.

                       Watching and enjoying the evening.

                          26th 0f June...Exam day.

On the 26th 0f June both Rod and Tom took and passed their intermediate exams at our new centre in the Trackside area.

                               Rod............ Tom

       Both are looking forward to their new licences and we all congratulate them on getting this. 

                 Rod with Peter      and Tom.

                                                     Well done lads.   


            A visit from Mike Kelly ( ELR ) and Dave Wilson ( RSGB ).

                                   The evening of the 12th of June 2018.   

           Our chairman Keith G3RTU and Mike Kelly from ELR 

                                                                              with Dave Wilson  President of the RSGB.

                              Keith commencing his introduction.                                         Welcoming Dave Wilson M0OBW RSGB President

              Dave explaining the new exam system.

                    Members and visitors enjoying the evening.

                    Keith opened the evening and introduced Mike Kelly and Dave Wilson,

                    Mike gave us an overview of the work of the volunteers at East Lancs Railway.

                   Amounting to many people of various fields giving up their time. It was a eye opener 

                   to how much dedication is put into the smooth running of ELR.

                   Next Dave gave us an insight into the new online exam procedure at the RSGB.

                   Noting that the system was now capable of remote invigilation, this brought a few

                   queries from members as to the robustness of such an innovation. Dave's explanation

                   and confidence in the system as a whole gave reassurance. The idea of the Finals exam

                   questions being drawn at the time of commencement of the exam and no two candidates

                   having the same set of questions appealed to some  members as a very good move.

                   The evening was brought to a close with applause and cakes arranged by Peter G2DPL.


                                                 Mike Kelly from ELR.                                               Mike and our own Keith.                                              Dave Wilson from the RSGB.       

                                     Members and visitors listening to Dave M0OBW.                                         



                  NARSA 2018......


                                                           Our stand this year showing many previous great days out.       

                                        Peter G2DPL enjoying the day.


                                                                                 Peter G0GPH and Rod M6JUW enjoying a chat about radio with some light refreshments.